Registration Information

Registration has closed for the 2023 Lake Mirror Classic.


Thank you for planning to be part of the 2023 Lake Mirror Classic,  We are excited to receive your application/registration for your vehicle(s) in this year’s event.

If you already created a user account, you can go to your Registration Dashboard to see your user details and paid registrations.

If you are having trouble with your registration, you can Request Help or Ask a Question here.


Friday Night Hot Rod Rendezvous – $35 per vehicle
Saturday Downtown and Concours – $55 per vehicle
Sunday Road Rally – $35 per person


The 1st Step is Creating a User Account (this helps verify your email and makes sure you can find it – last year people had trouble finding emails in their Spam/Junk folders and this caused confusion and delay).

Step 2 is the Registration of a Vehicle.



  • To register for the Sunday Road Rally, click here.  This is a separate site.  Address questions via email to Ray Kreigbaum.
  • Morgans register in the Concours
  • DeLoreans register Downtown
  • Boats register in the Concours.
  • Porsche’s will be distributed BOTH downtown and Lakeside (Concours). Specify whichever you want or think appropriate. The judges may move you around but will contact you first if needed.

Secure Payment

Our secure payment processor assures the security of your data.  You can feel confident your personal information will not be shared with anyone, and your credit card or other payment information is secure.  ALL payments for registrations must be with an acceptable debit/credit card at the time of registration.  No exceptions.  Find a friend to help you if you don’t have a valid payment method, but we are unable to accept checks or other forms of payment.

Use a PC if possible

It is infinitely more complex to use a Phone for registration.  While it is possible, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you use a PC.

Most applicants will only register 1 vehicle and the process is pretty straightforward, but we recommend you complete the application/registration process on your computer or laptop.  It CAN be completed on a phone – but you’ll probably be able to complete it easier via computer – especially your Vehicle Description.

We highly recommend you take some time PRIOR to this process to compose your Vehicle Description – we also recommend you use a computer or a tablet.  Using your phone can be difficult to enter on a tiny screen and popup keyboard. If you complete your description ahead of time, its easier to Copy and Paste the information. For your convenience, the below box can be used to type your vehicle description to assure everything will fit your display sign.

Concours d’Elegance applicants:

Our Concours Selection Committee will use your Vehicle Description along with the photos you upload to make final choices for qualifying Concours vehicles.  Please be sure to include an accurate phone # in case there is a need for any follow-up questions.
3 Minimum Required Photos for Concours Applicants are: Profile (side view), Engine, Interior

If a vehicle is not approved this year by the Concours Selection Committee, you may choose to display your vehicle in the Lake Mirror Open Car Show throughout downtown Lakeland, or request a refund of your donation.  Please know the committee is  looking for vehicles to complete specific classes and eras of vehicles.  These will vary year to year.

A word about Vehicle images:

We have created a “Day Of” web app to allow participants & attendees to browse ALL registered vehicles throughout the event.  You will be able to see the vehicles, descriptions, images AND location within the event of the vehicle from any web browser.  This is an added benefit to show car owners as the photos & description will remain available after the event. You can direct your friends to the site where they can view your vehicle.

With the size and layout of the Concours & Car Show and over 500 show vehicles, it can be tough to see everything.  This “Day Of” app allows you to pick out your “must see” vehicles so you can maximize your time!!!

So please consider a nice “profile” view from the side (this helps in a small thumbnail view of your car). You can also add up to 4 other images (engine and interior welcome).  Images taken on today’s phones are fine, but take them in horizontal or “sideways” view, not up and down.

NOTE: We mention all this because we’ve seen some registrants submit low-res images (or maybe only 1 image). Our goal is make the event an even better experience than before with the new App!


Vehicle Display Signs

Click here to see some sample signs from LMC 2022

For Saturday Events

(click on image to zoom)

1) See how a sign only has room for 12-14 vertical lines of text in the Description.  Don’t submit a description with 16 lines – it won’t fit.
2) DO NOT put blank lines in between your lines/sections/sentences.
3) DO NOT put your name, city, carclub in the Vehicle Description

As part of your approved registration, you receive a professionally printed Display Sign to place in front of your vehicle. This sign allows you to describe unique details and vehicle provenance for the public to see. 


Vehicle Description

In the upcoming weeks, your submitted description will be edited by our staff for clarity, grammar and typos. PLEASE try to focus on your description to save our volunteers from spending extra time fixing grammar & typos. At some point before the event, you’ll get an e-mail for final confirmation.  If after paying, you do not receive a confirmation email  —-> Check your Spam/Junk folder in your Email reader.  The system WILL EMAIL you a confirmation after payment.  If you don’t get it, the problem is most likely that its in your Junk/Spam folder.